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Trail Rides / Where is the wheeling this weekend?
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:13:32 pm »
I've seen contradictory information on where the club is wheeling at this weekend.. Rocks and Valleys or Bundy Hill. Could someone please let me know where its happening and what time to be there?

The main trail rides section of this forum is member-only so I can't see what the final outcome is.



Introductions / Reintroduction after 8 years
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:11:26 am »
Hello.. I used to be a part of WLB years ago and found out my account still exists. I sold my 98 TJ around 8 years ago when the motor blew and I couldn't afford to fix it... but I just recently picked up a 2018 JKU Rubicon Recon and am looking to get back into wheeling! I rode with Cody (TechJeeper) at The Mounds a few weeks ago and was at the club picnic after. I'll be at Rocks and Valleys tomorrow. Hoping to renew my membership although it looks like I might have to go to a club meeting before that's possible?

See you on the trail!


Wanted / WTB: TJ Trailer Hitch
« on: May 29, 2009, 02:51:01 pm »
I'm looking for a trailer hitch for my 98 TJ. Our house is getting foreclosed on and I need something to be able to pull our small, 1/2 ton utility trailer with.

I've got an extension and a ball.. Just need something to mount it to .



Tech Talk / More transmission woes..
« on: July 30, 2008, 05:43:15 pm »
Well it looks like my transmission is going again. Not sure why this time.

It was slipping the other day so I checked the levels. It was about a quart low. Filled it up.. and today it was slipping again. So I checked the fluid and it was low again. Ended up taking it to Magpie for a proffessional oppinion. They filled it up for me for free.. said it was about 2 quarts low.

They also mentioned that my tranny seems to be making a lot of noise, and it is leaking somewhere, although the only puddle that seems to be on my driveway or at work is from the steering gear. The guy at Magpie said it sounded like it was something to do with the torque converter. He also mentioned the possibility of it leaking into the transfer case... ?

Looks like I picked up my tranny from Two Track Minds last year on October 23rd after they rebuilt it. I'm hoping they don't have any issues with the one year warranty I got through them. I have faith though, they seem to be good guys.


Wanted / Gas Cap
« on: July 02, 2008, 08:19:19 pm »
I don't know if I left it at a gas station on accident, or somebody stole it (god, I hope they didn't take any gas too -_-) but somehow I'm missing my gas cap. Never happened before, I usually make sure its on before I leave the station cause I'm always worried I'll leave it behind.. but..

So anybody have one available (for a TJ)? I'm afraid to know what a dealership might charge me, or if I can even get one from Autozone..


The Lounge / Interesting Rant
« on: May 17, 2008, 04:35:30 pm »
I read this rant recently in a copy of American Handgunner (an old copy, my coworker gave me a bunch). Thought it was an interesting topic to talk about...


Virginia Tech:
Rage, Reflection and Rejection

      Guest Editorial by Handgunner’s own John Connor
Editor’s Note: I discussed the Virginia Tech incident with Connor during one of his rare “phone into the office” moments. After talking, I realized John could say it better than I ever could, so I asked him to send us his thoughts. Reading this, you might think he was calm, thoughtful and methodical while he was writing it. Nope. If we had strapped some cans of old paint to him, the contents would have been whipped to a froth from the rage-induced vibration. Best not to mention it to him for a while, perhaps — until his Heat Index drops below “volcanic.”
      How could this have happened? Is that a serious question? In a place where possession of a gun — and indeed, any effective means of self-defense — is prohibited; a place packed with young people who have been taught that surrender and submission is not only the correct, but the morally superior response to lethal confrontation; a slaughter-chute where the prey were lulled by a moronic mantra of “this is a gun-free zone; a safe and nurturing place; there is nothing to fear,” 32 are killed at leisure by a lone, armed psychotic. Through a red film of rage, I ask, I cry, How could it NOT have happened? Did thinking people not know, from both ancient and modern history, and from simple common sense, that it had to happen?

First, disarm as many citizens as possible. Restrict their God-given right to self-defense, and make those who successfully deter predators the subjects of aggressive prosecution and endless life-destroying lawsuits on behalf of their would-be murderers. Create “killing boxes,” and fill them with infantilized, mind-massaged victims, and give them rules against resisting killers. Forbid trained, experienced, armed citizens and even off-duty peace officers from bearing arms in those zones, and ridicule those who protest as “paranoids.”

Coddle the obviously crazed and dangerous. Brush aside and ignore their prolonged, repeated, graphic threats of grisly mass murder. Minimize their malignant malice; indulge it as “diversity” and celebrate its “otherness.” If the most obvious threat is brought before a court, then fumble and fail, without follow-up, and hold no one accountable for it, because the guilty are “gentle, compassionate, socially-sensitive souls.” Do not blink at the ticking time bomb’s return to the classroom, where his freshly embittered brain spews out even more and greater warnings of the coming explosion.

Finally, claim this inevitable event, and the actions of its architect “could never have been foreseen,” even if, absurdly, you “knew it had to be Cho” when you heard of the slaughter. Only a “respected professor” or other half-wit could utter such words without seeing their irony.

Above all, totally abdicate decision-making power on the issues of arms and self-defense to those who are completely unqualified to even address the subjects.

A Better Bloodbath

In America, many of our oldest and most onerous gun laws were crafted by criminals and passed by their puppet politicians. Frequently their purpose, as in New York City, was to prohibit arms to rival gangs. In other places, like Chicago and San Francisco, their aim was to criminalize ethnic minorities and “subversive elements,” including blue-collar workers with coal on their clothes and grease under their fingernails; those who might organize and object to dangerous slave labor conditions and perennial poverty.

Following on that foundation came more restrictive weapons laws propounded by “progressive thinkers” and “social engineers,” many of whom also embraced the “science” of “eugenics,” which called for the euthanasia of “congenital misfits, morons and degenerates.” Jews were, as a race, defined as degenerates. The “progressive” philosophy also envisioned a more “manageable, unarmed populace” of those who were not quite bound for the gas chambers, but well below the sophistication level of “gifted society” — those “born to lead.” They only abandoned euthanasia, by the way, when the Third Reich co-opted the theme.

Tyrants and gangsters still exert their influence, because corrupt politicians prefer unarmed peasants; a simple fact. Their motives ethically disqualify them from such decision-making. Then, increasingly, our laws, policies and public perceptions have been and are promoted and enforced by psychological cripples, the emotionally unbalanced, and moral cowards.

Am I being rash and unreasonable?

Please consider this: Those who fear inanimate objects — tools like guns and knives — and believe them to be intrinsically evil or capable of inspiring evil, are clearly psychologically crippled. They cannot think rationally about arms and their lawful use. Those who cannot differentiate between armed, trained, dedicated guardians of their fellow man, and twisted, predatory, psychotic killers, based on shared use of firearms, are clearly emotionally unbalanced. Those who so morbidly fear physical confrontation they preach submission and surrender, even unto death, in preference to fighting for life — and seek to enforce that condition upon others — are moral cowards.

None are possessed of the courage, wisdom and appreciation of the dynamics of violence and counter-violence requisite to engage in decision-making on those critical issues — yet they do. They persist, and the killing zones widen, deepen and darken with the blood of innocents.

Our rights and freedoms were fought for and affirmed by brave and brilliant men, now derided and ridiculed by academia and the effete as “Irrelevant Dead White Males.” Our rights have been stolen by the unworthy. To them we must say, “Your way has not, does not, will not work. Sit down and SHUT UP!”

What do you think? I pretty much agree with what he's saying.. If you take away the guns from people, how can you not expect something like this to happen?


The Lounge / Bought my first gun..
« on: May 13, 2008, 04:28:25 pm »
Well.. a coworker of mine at Pizza Hut is 53, an ex marine, and a big gun lover. I started talking to him one day about guns, and next thing I know he's bringing me books and magazines and videos about guns, and then he offered to sell me his Glock 36 (He's also got another Glock.. 357 SIG.. I think its a 31). If your not familiar with this gun its a .45 ACP Subcompact, and the only Slimline gun (single stack magazine) Glock ever made.

Well.. I shot a few rounds through it about a week ago, and decided to buy it from him. I picked up the gun from him today and headed to the range.

The range down here is called Palmetto State Shooting Center, and is run by two ex cops. Its a SUPER clean facility, really nice top of the line feel to it. Digitally controlled targets on a conveyor belt system, really really cool. I shot a hundred rounds of Magtech full metal jacket 45's through it. Real nice, clean round (when I cleaned my gun afterwards there was barely any residue). My coworker usually shot Remington Golden Saber +P Hollowpoints through it (which is the round I shot a week ago), and I could definitely tell the difference with these Magtech bullets.. A lot more controllable.

I did pretty good at the range.. Not really outstanding of course, as it was just my first time, but better then I thought I would. I shot three targets, at 5 yards, 10 yards, and 15 yards. They all pretty much look the same.. Most of my rounds traingulating down from the center.. I have a bad case of 'trigger jerk'.. IE I jerk the gun when I pull the trigger.. which I tried to work on today.

One of the store owners let me hold a fullsize Glock 21 SF 9mm.. one of the new Short Frame Glocks. Felt really good with my big hands, and I swear the guy just about offered to trade me it for my 36...

So anyways.. I know its not a 22 like what I should have bought as my first gun, but I'm still just as happy. I'm thinking for my next gun I'll either get a full size 9mm like that 21SF or a Walther PPK 22LR.

I'm gonna go back there on Sunday (my next day off) and probably rent that 21 SF and shoot a few rounds through it as well as my 36.

But I imagine a few people on here have some interesting stories from their first time shooting or first time to the range.. share em!


The Lounge / I work at a daycare..
« on: May 11, 2008, 12:37:07 am »
I know this is long.. but I need advice.. hear me out!  :|

Today was going great at work, I was getting lots of tips and making lots of money...

The night was wearing down.. and all the sudden everything went from great to terrible.

First, we have two 16 year old cooks, who are big trouble makers, have been yelled at several times, smoke pot behind the building, like to stop working whenever they feel like it (or when we get busy), etc.. typical teenagers.

Well.. they went on break tonight, after the two head managers left, so the only people in the store were me, the two cooks, a mid level manager, and an MIT (Manager in Training). Well these two kids were on break, one of them pee'd in the parking lot, then took newspaper and proceeded to poop on it. First, evidently, they stuck it behind my Jeeps tire cause they thought they would get away with that and I wouldn't know who did it. Then, they realized that wasn't a good idea, and decided to show everyone in the lobby (me, the manager, the MIT, and two of the MIT's friends) through the window. Then one of them thought it would be funny to run through the store with it. The MIT locked the front door, but the cook ran to the back before anybody could get there and ran through the store with it.

Then he decided it would be funny to stick it to the door of the tax place next to us. When he realized that wasn't a good idea, he threw it out, leaving a big.. uh.. chunk of it on the window, which my manager, after much hesitation made him clean up. After the MIT got done laughing her ass off, she threw up 4 times in the parking lot (around all of our cars).

Then the cook threatened all of us that he was "going to take it to a personal level". Which, originally, was going to be splashing a cup of water onto one of the MIT's friends' face. I explicitly said if he does ANYTHING to me or my Jeep, then that will be crossing the line. I said this about 4 times.

Next thing I know, my jeep is covered in paper from the receipt printer. They took several rolls, wrapped my jeep, then decided to throw them across the parking lot so there was paper everywhere in the malls parking lot. I finally saw what they had done, and, needless to say, I was quite pissed. I don't touch anybody elses stuff, why the heck would they touch mine? I was mad as hell. I grabbed my manager, he came out and got serious when I said this was way out of line, he told them to clean it up, and eventually made them apologize (which, the one that did most of this came out, said sarcastically "I'm sorry I destroyed your Jeep with paper" and slammed the door while he walked back in. The other decided he would make it into more of a joke and said "Do you need a hug" and proceeded to try and hug me).

Keep in mind, the entire time, the MIT is laughing her ass off. Screaming, tears running down her face, shes laughing so hard. Then she proceeds to go on this rant about how I'm taking this way too seriously and I'm way out of line.  And how this happens to everyone, etc etc.

So all the sudden I'm the asshole, and everyone is pissed at me.

My manager comes back outside from making sure the cooks got back to work, and I said "You should write them up, this has gone way too far, the store manager needs to here about this, its like we work at a daycare."

This is when my manager gets all defensive, "This could come back at me, I should have been watching them, I could get fired, they were technically off the clock and on break, theres nothing I can do about it." Then the MIT starts saying how she didn't see anything, if anybody asks her about it shes not going to say a word. That I am way too serious and its not like they did anything that hurt my Jeep.

Now, obviously they didn't actually hurt my Jeep or anything, but I don't like people doing anything to my vehicle. On top of that I don't like that I explicitly told them not to touch my Jeep and they did anyways. On top of that, if I had just taken it as a joke, what would they have done the next time?

Am I out of line to go to the store manager (she would definitely fire them, shes an.. uh.. angry pregnant lady)? I have pictures and videos of everything, including one of the cook proudly displaying the store next doors window and laughing about it. The manager is my friend and we hang out a lot, and I really don't want to get him fired, but he wasn't doing his job and he only let it get worse. I'm also afraid that if I do get them fired, what kind of a war will I start? Will I come out of the building one day to find my tires slashed, or something in my Jeep, or some sort of retaliation?

I can't see this just blowing over and me going back to work tomorrow and acting like nothing happened. Like I said before.. whats going to happen the next time? I do only have 4 weeks left until I'm moving back to MI..

What do you guys think? I don't know what to do..


Tech Talk / Blew my tranny cooler line for the third time..
« on: April 25, 2008, 02:08:56 pm »
Well.. this time at least it wasn't my fault. Where the end of the metal cooler line ends, theres about a 2 and a half, three inch peice of rubber tubing that goes to the trans cooler itself. The rubber tubing blew a big hole out the side (on the top) in a customers driveway yesterday.

I'm gonna get a peice of rubber tubing to replace it for now, but I think I'm going to change all the rubber on the underside to this pretty soon:

http://store.summitracing.com/partdetai ... toview=sku


Tech Talk / Spring Fell Off
« on: April 21, 2008, 08:26:29 pm »
Ok.. wheeling today, showing my brother-in-law around, got a stick stuck between my front driveshaft and my oil pan. While getting the stick out, a spring fell off one of my linkages by my tranny. I don't see where it came off from, but I do remember putting a ton of linkages up there when we put my tranny back in.

Everything seems to be working, parking brake, 4 high, 4 low, neutral transfer case, park, reverse, neutral, drive, 2nd, and 1st all seem to be working...

Any suggestions on what this could be?


Pictures and Videos / Logging Videos
« on: April 13, 2008, 09:44:02 pm »
My Dad has been down here this weekend, and we've spent most of our time together watching the logging trucks work, talking to the workers, and wheeling. Got some pretty sweet videos, figured I'd share 'em.

Skidder Videos:

Tree Cutter Videos:

I have more videos of each, and some of other vehicles (cranes, backhoes, etc) as well if anybody is interested, I'll post them.

They started logging again in the main area I've been wheeling in, as well as 2.7 miles of roadway all along there. Its been pretty crazy.


The Lounge / Very Cool!
« on: April 01, 2008, 01:16:06 am »
Remember this thread, by Brian? :


Specifically, the post where he says:

Quote from: "94_xj_country"
this was one of the jeeps chrysler had out there today for a photo shoot, its a crd cherokee. he had it on 3 wheels before getting stuck, props to ouchman for winching him out

Well, it turns out (at least, I think) that that wasn't Chrysler.. That was JP Magazine!

If you read the "Trail Head" section of the latest JP magazine, they talk about going to the Mounds, and then heading to the auto show in Detroit (which is in early january -- right around the time that Brian made that post).. And they talk about driving two Diesel JK's at the Mounds..

Quote from: "JP Magazine"
So we woke up Saturday morning and I hoped into the diesel JK for a short trip to the Mounds off-road park. It's a pretty sweet place when wet. Let's just say there was plenty of water since it had snowed and then rained a few days earlier. Several hoods were submerged. What I will tell you is that I beat on the four-door diesel JK like it wasn't mine without a single failure.

-a  little further down-

Monday brought me to the Detroit North American International Auto Show. I was expecting something huge, but it's quite a bit smaller them the SEMA show, maybe a tenth of the size.

Also, they mention a full story in an upcoming issue. Maybe, if these were the people that Brian and Doug saw, they will mention something about being pulled out by Doug.

Was just reading this JP (yea I know.. at 1 in the morning) and caught that, put two and two together.. lol..


Pictures and Videos / CJ7 vs Ferrari Testarossa
« on: March 30, 2008, 10:53:12 pm »

Watch some of his other videos too.. He races a 785hp vette, and does some pretty cool wheeling.


Vehicles For Sale/Trade / Willys Jeep For Sale
« on: March 22, 2008, 01:21:06 pm »
Coming home from GA yesterday we were driving through Sevierville, TN (by Gatlinburg) and I saw a Willys Jeep at a Flea Market. I took lots of pics (I'll upload them later). Its in decent condition, but is obviously going to need lots of work. The block is all thats left of the motor. The tires look to be in pretty good shape, so did the shocks on the back. Frame was a little rusty but not as rusty as I would have expected. Looks like it would be an awesome project vehicle. I would love to buy it but I definitely don't have the funding or the knowledge to rebuild a Jeep like this.

Its for sale for $600. I am going back down to GA next weekend, and I could get any more pictures/info then if anybody is interested.


Pictures and Videos / Georgia Wheeling
« on: March 19, 2008, 07:31:01 pm »
Went out wheeling again today. The place near me is quite awesome. Basically, it used to be a forest, but now its mostly been logged. Theres one main trail that goes through it the entire way, and theres little.. uh.. what I guess you could call "trails" that big logging equipment has made. By big logging equipment I mean mostly front end loaders and that sized vehicles, so the trails are quite rough to get down and have lots of stumps and deep mud holes.

I prefer to just make my own trails, since the entire area has been logged, its just stumps and branches and small trees that I assume were too small for the loggers to take so they pile them up and leave them. Along with the log piles, branches, and stumps, theres also lots of water in the area, big puddles and deep mud holes, and a couple areas where you meet a stream. Theres also deep trenches (I think I wrote about these before in another post) where the logging semi trucks back their trailers into so they are at ground level to be loaded.

I really like this area because a stock Jeep can make it through most of it, but not just like drive wherever you want to. You have to actually pick your path, and go slowly over obstacles, and lookout for what your driving over. But theres also bigger challenges that even a heavily modded Jeep could have trouble with.

Heres a link to the pictures. This is only a small part of the area because my camera batteries died. -_- And I was alone, so theres no real "action shots".

http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a300/ ... ?start=all


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