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Title: Jeep Articles Website
Post by: LPM606 on January 04, 2013, 06:16:09 pm
We received the following e-mail to our club address.  I checked out the jeepartciles.com website and it is actually pretty interesting. 

We would love for you and your members to know about a new sweepstakes that we have started. In order to promote our "Reader Profiles" section, we are going to be giving away miscellaneous Jeep gift certificates and merchandise donated by the Merchants and our site owners. Winners will be chosen from those users who have submitted a Reader Profile (with photos) to our "Reader Profiles" section. The number of winners will be determined by the amount of merchandise that is donated by Merchants and our site owners. So please let your members know to add their profiles and add yours also. Good luck! and thank you very much!

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