Last Sunday in February 2022

Started by StingRay66, March 03, 2022, 07:27:03 AM

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Hello fellow Jeepers
This years last Sunday in February is a wrap. The difference this year is it occurred on Saturday, and our run founder and usual trail guide was no where to be seen! Jim Woodend,  Dave Gordon  and myself were the only attendees this year.  We first met up in Reed City for breakfast at the Seven Slot Grill, we then unloaded at Johnny's Market/ Shell station where 10 junctions with 131. Then it was a 10 minute drive to our first turn off the paved road where we covered about 60 miles of snow covered trails. At lunch we jumped back on paved roads to head to Luther Michigan for lunch at Loggers Landing and then back to the trails for a couple more hours. We jumped over to the Little Manistee Route  where we ended our ride near Baldwin michigan.

No God ....................No Peace

Know God ................Know Peace